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Life Event Photographer


Hello, I'm Layla

I’m a photographer with nearly 10 years of experience. I started my career in Tokyo, Japan as a wedding photographer and have travelled to over 50 countries to photograph different wedding ceremonies in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, North America, and Africa (see the map below).

Having been exposed to a wide range of settings, locations, religions, and cultures, I have grown so much not only as a photographer but also as a person. I genuinely enjoy the whole process of mingling with people, sharing moments, and making special connections across the globe. My experiences throughout my travels have became such a big part of who I am today.

My passion for wedding photography has expanded over the years, and now I photograph all sorts of life events, from births to growing old, and everything in between.

I believe Lights and Atmosphere are the two key elements of photography. 

      Reading the lights: it is a very delicate skill. I've developed it over hundreds of photoshoots, and it plays a big role in my photography style. 

      Creating a relaxed atmosphere: the more comfortable you are, the better the final outcome will be.And it is my job to allow you to be full yourself. 

"Let us be friends, have a laugh and create some unforgettable memories together through photography!"


amCharts (1).png

​Food: Vongole Bianco

Drink: Chardonnay

​Show: Please like me

Movie: Call me by your name

Music: Nu disco

Color: Black 

Quote: Life is just a ride

South Park Character: Butters

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate

City: Seville, Spain

Simple Pleasure: Sun / Walks

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